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This is a space for musings, ramblings, and the whatnots of work. 

Had a dope time chatting with Aaron Miller over at Canvas Rebel about my work and strategies for how actors can cultivate resiliency in the audition process. Feel free to click the image below to get a peak at the article. 🤙🏽

Honored to be joining the cast of this iconic franchise as Kei Mikhail Ignatov. Psycho-Pass Providence premieres nationwide in theaters July 14th. Huge 'Thank You" to Director Caitlin Glass for inviting me to take part in the making of this film.


Tickets can be purchased at -

I started acting in Dallas over ten years ago, never knowing if I'd be able to make a go at a legitimate career in, what was considered to be at the time, a tertiary market. It's obvious the landscape of the television & film industry has changed drastically in just the last few years, and now more than ever, actors from all regions across the US are finding that the opportunities to develop their career are sometimes right in their backyard. Bi-coastal exclusivity is a thing of the past and we're moving into an era of principal casting becoming a democratized process. I had a ball getting to discuss this topic and more with Casey Mink of Casting Networks. I hope you'll take a moment to click the link and start joining the conversation of our evolving industry.

Photo by Bryan Chatlien

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